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  • 商品名称: All kinds of KuangYongChe axle series products
  • Supply all kinds of KuangYongChe axle series products: basin, round the sun, the planets wheel Angle gear, planetary gear, half axle gear, active, passive, cross shaft, gear ring, ring gear and all kinds of shaft, shaft, shaft, the input shaft and output shaft, differential, the main reducer assembly, etc. Quality assurance, the price is reasonable. Tooth number, size, shape, length, size, etc. Can be customized. Welcome to inquire. Sales phone: 18623388889

    Sales service telephone

      Mr. Shu:18623388889
      Mr. Hu:13609409658
      Miss Li:023-48653288

    Zip code:401420

    ADD:Qijiang Industrial Park, Chongqing, China, the Western gear City, No. 6"

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